meet Evans

Évans is a mobile massage therapist with 10+ years of experience treating his patients with Integrated modalities. These modalities include ortho-sports massage, plastic surgery recovery, Thai yoga massage, stretching, and Tui-Na (a combination of Chinese pain management therapies). That list is ever-growing as Évans, a graduate of NYC’s critically-acclaimed Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NYC, continues to pick up new skills to suit his client’s needs.

His passion for the trade was born out of his longtime personal battle with scoliosis, a condition that causes an abnormal “S” curvature of the spinal cord. During his recovery after a 7hr corrective surgery, Évans realized that not only did he need to further educate himself on how to maintain his new body, but he also wanted to educate himself on how to treat then manage the pain of others manually.

His clients credit him with transforming any space into a spa atmosphere while intuitively finding the majority of knots causing muscular discomfort to alleviate stress.
He states, “It’s gratifying to witness a person maximize the lifespan of their occupation, hobbies, and leisure lifestyles through his sessions.”